1. How to change your automatic sync
You may want to change your automatic sync if:
  • You are changing bookkeeping systems, 
  • You need to change your Xero sync from a full sync to a Xero TB only sync (or vice versa), or
  • You wish to switch from a sync to a manual upload.
The good news is that Silverfin is not dependent on one accounting software, you can load data from one source and later switch to another source without losing data... the history is always retained!

If you are currently using an automatic sync, there are 3 scenarios within Silverfin where you can make changes to the firm's underlying data.

  • Go to the 'Edit Client' screen, select the "sync tab" and then click the "switch sync" button.  

  • You will then see 3 options:

1. There is already a synchronisation with a certain accounting software. You now want to switch your data source to a new synchronisation
E.g. You are moving from Sage to Xero.  As soon as you no longer make bookings in Sage, you can proceed to synchronise with Xero. 
You need to determine from which date you wish to switch and then set up a new synchronisation. 

2. You want to revert from a synchronised client to a manual file
As soon as you click on this scenario, the synchronisation with the current package will be stopped. 
Of course, no data is lost. Now you can upload data from a specific period using the ' i mport new period' on the client's overview page.

3Completely re-establish the synchronisation  with a new accounting software
In this scenario, you want either:
1) Sync with a new accounting software.
2)  Change the sync from a full Xero sync to a Xero TB only sync (or vice versa).
Beware, this will override any manual uploads you have added to this file.

In all the above scenarios, the details will not be lost, so the working papers remain intact. However, careful removal of manual data is always required. If you delete data, the details will also be deleted.